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Gain Access to the Most Power B2C Identity Graph on the Planet

Without Needing To Be a Fortune 500 Company...

40 Billion
Tracked Emails
1 Trillion
Tracked Behaviours Every Minute

How It Works

Unlimited Data License

We give you a licence to access our in house identity graph with over 1 trillion data points tracking over 230m consumer profiles and approximately 40 billion emails (Most consumers have 5-10 emails).  You can use this to flick the switch on your agency from “I run fb ads and do creatives” to full on god mode. You’ll be able to do things with no other agency can...such as:
Identity Resolution and Re-activation.

Convert 30-60% of website visitors into qualified leads - matching across over 1 trillion behaviours.

*This is metric is based on past clients - we can not guarantee a specific match % for anyone as each use case/vertical is different.

Juice Up the Algorithm with 95% Match Rates.

Go from a measly 25% match rate to 95% plus in an instant, dropping ad costs across Facebook, Google, Tiktok and More.

Reverse Engineer Exact Match Custom Audiences.

Create powerful custom audiences with enriched customer profiles to dominate paid ads.

Run Predictive Audiences and Regression Models

Cut and segment the data to create predictive audiences.

Get Results With XactMatch™

Here is where most identity resolutions go wrong. It’s great being able to resolve the identities of leads who visit your website - but what happens next? 

Many identity resolution solutions don’t allow advanced segmentation, filtering and often leave customers having to sort through one massive spreadsheet with half the leads already turning cold. 

That’s why we have XactMatch™ - a proprietary filter and segmenting system which resolves the identity of leads, matches against our database then segments based on which pages they visit real time syncing hot leads/contacts into custom re-activation systems..all within seconds.

Data Is Not Enough,You Need An XactMatch™

XactMatch™ Email
Bring In 2-3x Extra Sales or Leads With Personalised Email
Within 90 seconds of being on your website, we can resolve a full consumer profile lead with up to 500 additional parameters. We then use a custom in-house ESP with an AI writing system baked in resulting in personalised offers sent to every website visitor. 

XactMatch™ Audience Sync
Build Hyper-Targted Exact Matched Audiences for Facebook, Google, Tiktok and More.
Take your XactMatch™ segments and use our sync feature to encrypt the rich consumer profiles back into platforms like Facebook, Google, Tiktok and more. Gone are the days of low match rate and relying on an ‘educated guess’. With Xactmatch™ sync - you can build the most powerful audiences online. 
XactMatch™ Direct
Identify the Most Qualified Prospects And Connect Them With an Experience Sales Agent Within All Within 90 Seconds.
Take your XACTMATCH™ custom segments pulled directly from your most qualified website visitors then route them real-time to a first response call centre. This is absolutely ideal for lead generation in verticals which require being first to respond. 

Add An Extra Zero to Your Offer.

Once you flick god-mode, you can literally add an extra zero to your current offer. Some members of The Ads Lab™ stop charging retainers and go 100% performance and leave low margin retainers behind altogether. 

We aren't typical Saas. Our model is about 1 to the many and not mass market. This allows us to have a lean mean team of A-players, provide support and training to agencies then benefit on growing together.
Increase in Price
The average AdsLab member will increase their price by 3x within 4 weeks of joining.
Profit Margins
The average AdsLab member will see profit margins of at least 70% after joining.
Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition
The average AdsLab member will decrease their clients CPA by at least 50% after switching.
"Over $100M Generated For Our Clients"
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No Limits (Really)

Unlike any other data platform on the planet. We provide unlimited usage. This means rather than paying $0.25 per email or $0.05 per consumer hashed email. The cost is fixed. No limits.

Members of the Ads Lab will often see a 90% profit margins on the services and growth models they develop using this data. Go nuts.
Behind the Scenes

Under the Hood of the Graph

1 Trillion
Consumer Data Points
Consumer Data 
  • 230m
    Consumer Profiles
  • 40 Billion
  • 2 Billion
    Device ID's
  • 500
    Individual Parameters
Business Data 
600M Validated B2B Emails.
B2B Firmographics.

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